St. Pete First

Tackling Affordable Housing

The future requires more housing, for the modern family and future St. Pete.

The Future of Tropicana

Use specialized developers in order to obtain best use of the land.

The Return to St. Pete Life

We need to get to the new Normal as quickly and responsibly as possible.

The Serious Issue of Red Tide

We need to start with education and awareness to address this serious problem.

The People’s Mayor


It's time to put St. Pete first

Pete's Four Core Policies

Return to St. Pete Life: getting to the "New Normal" as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Let event organizers and the people of St. Pete decide what they are comfortable with. Let the world know there is no better place to have your event than in the Sunshine City. 

Singular Focus on Positive Impact— St. Pete First

Every issue will be viewed in the prism of one goal— how does this make St. Pete better? Making St. Pete the best is not just an idea, but it is the vision of our goal. I am in this race to always be St. Pete First—to fight the good fight, to solve long standing liabilities and tired issues that have plagued our city for far too long. We need to build more houses, modernize our institutions, cut spending and taxes, champion small business and work to save Major League Baseball. I want to hear from you. I want to be your voice. I want to make a difference.

Redevelopment of The Trop

The 86 acre Tropicana Field site is a unique opportunity to mend a fractured community and to develop precious, valuable, downtown real estate addressing many city needs. Unique, community driven, affordable housing must be apart of the equation, with or without a ballpark, with high density residential parcels completely intertwined with nature and all the needs of our growing city. A modern Convention center should be a part of any development plans of the acreage so that St. Pete is positioned to compete long term with Tampa, Miami & Orlando. The 86 acre parcel should be divided and awarded to specialized developers in order to obtain best use of the land.

Affordable Housing

Our success and geography has caused an affordable housing problem in St. Pete. The only way to attain affordable housing in a county that is 99% built out, is to build up, with a keen eye towards density. The greater the housing supply that addresses demand, will yield stabilization and lower housing prices. Zoning also needs to be changed to allow more multi-family units in neighborhoods (triplexes, duplexes, garage apartments, small scale apartment buildings). The future requires more housing, with less office space development, for the modern family and future St. Pete. We can’t have a NIMBY mindset, but instead a YIMBY mindset (Yes – In My Back Yard!)

Pete Boland, running for Mayor of St. Petersburg, with his family in St. Petersburg Florida
About Pete

A passionate advocate for the city and outspoken business leader

Pete is proud to call St. Pete his forever home and resides again in Shore Acres with his loving girlfriend Jessica and her 3 children— just one block from where he attended pre-school at LCC and stocked shelves at his parent’s store. Pete & Jessica are also members of the St. Raphael’s Parish in Snell Isle, the same church Pete was baptized at as a child. Now, Pete is writing a new chapter of his comeback story and is running for Mayor of St. Pete to end the cycle of career politicians with a small business approach to problem solving and to move the city forward with a “St. Pete First” mindset.

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